Welcome to Meliorism Memoirs, Our blog is an extension of DatingDisabled.org, a Christian engagement platform for individuals with Autism and all disabilities, visible and invisible.

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wounded warrior project - meliorism memoirs


Between optimism and pessimism is the theory of “meliorism,” according to which the world on the whole makes progress in goodness.

I began creating Meliorism Memoirs with the intention of incorporating issues concerning debt and finance, but lets face it, as important as money is, the world revolving around us involves so much more. I believe that the world can be a much better place if we all support one another. Hence the site name “Meliorism Memoirs”, The belief that the world can be made better if we all work together and make an effort, to make a difference.

Every minute of every day there is someone who just needs a place to go where there is a common bond, a support system, if you will;  and since  there are so many things that just seem to comply with Murphy’s Law, that “If something can go wrong, it probably will”,  I’m  creating a place where we can all come together in sharing the spirit of friendship and community support.

I am an avid Autism Supporter and stand behind our country and our troops, so we’ve also integrated our christian dating site for people with disabilities…of all life situations, From Wounded Warriors to people on the Autism spectrum and every disability in between.  We hope this will help enable men and women to move out of their comfort zone and begin  life anew with other people who are also feeling stuck, isolated or in need of friendship!

God bless you.  I’m looking forward to connecting!

This site is for you, all of you, who want to speak your mind about your hurt, your concerns or what the Lord has done in your life!

What are you doing, or what would you like to do to help make this world a better place?

Do you have a  friend or relative who is disabled or dealing with Alzheimer’s?   Send me stories about your Super-Hero child who lives with Autism.

Speaking of which, have you heard of Grady P. Brown.  He is on the Autism Spectrum.  This guy is an amazing author!

Tell us your story!  It could be about a financial issue, due to inadequate income, or lack of employment.

How are you dealing with relationship problems, whether it be with a significant other, child or parent?

meliorism memoirs

Do you want to get your ex back?

Are you dealing with daily struggles with life in general?  How are you coping?

Have you lost a loved one and need advice on how to deal with your grief?


thank you vets

You are NOT forgotten!

Connect with us.  Contact us if you have questions, or are in need of support!

If you’re disabled, a veteran and or single, visit our dating site at DatingDisabled.org. Membership is 100% FREE for anyone who has served or is currently serving in the U.S Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard.


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